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Are you looking for an ORL Clinic in Ibiza? Visit the clinic of Dr Luis Conill Madria

In Avgda Isidor Macabich, 50, very close to the Parc de la Pau, in the city of Ibiza, you can find the Dr Luis Conill Madria ORL clinic. Here you can find two highly-experienced specialists in otolaryngology: Dr Luis Conill himself and Dr Noemí Conill Tobías.

The medical speciality of otolaryngology deals with problems related to the ear, the upper respiratory tract and part of the lower respiratory tract.

The following services are offered at our clinic:


The Dr Luis Conill Madria Otolaryngology Clinic boasts facilities which are perfectly equipped and adapted to offer you the best service. When you visit the clinic, you will find:

  • Two waiting rooms.
  • An office for welcoming the patient and recording details of the medical history.
  • An examination room equipped with an endoscopy tower; with equipment for videolaryngoscopy and videostroboscopy, telelaryngoscopy, fibre optic laryngoscopy, nasal and sinusal endoscopy; together with a standing microscope, examination and treatment table with microscope, suction equipment, audiometer, audiometric hearing test booth and a complete range of material and instruments for consultations.
  • All our rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

Contact us on:

971 315 010
DR. LUIS CONILL MADRIA Icono Localización
Avgda Isidor Macabich, 50 1-Dcha, en EIVISSA (Illes Balears)