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Ear treatment at the Dr Luis Conill Madria Clinic in Ibiza

With regard to the treatment of the different hearing problems, at the Luis Conill Madria ORL Clinic in Ibiza we have at our disposal two experienced professionals and the most suitable facilities for carrying out their work.

This ear treatment service offers:

  • Endoscopic exploration of the ear.
  • Examination of the ear with microscope: cleaning with tweezers and removal of ear wax, discharge and lesions.
  • Impedance testing.
  • Audiometry in soundproof booth.
  • Vertigo tests (vestibular tests).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss (paracentesis, trans-tympanic draining, intratympanic cortisone injection).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of discharges from the ear (Aspiration and treatment with microscope).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of vertigo (Postural treatment, intratympanic cortisone injection, intratympanic gentamicin).